Chemical Resistance:

Ozone Resistance:

Low Temperature Flex:



Protein In Natural Rubber:

Less than 50 micrograms/gram. Fifty ug/g is detection limit of ASTM D5712-05.

Physical Properties:

UV Resistance:

Recommended Sterilization:

Steam Autoclave 30 minutes @15 psi Ethylene Oxide

Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature:

212°F Intermittent – 158°F Continuous

Primeline’s natural rubber latex tubing meets or exceeds the physical properties of Commercial Item Description A-A-52047C Type I Class 1, 2, and 3, Type III, Type IV, and Type V Class 1, 2, and 3 which replaced Federal Specification ZZ-T-831D.

Primeline’s amber natural rubber latex tubing is in compliance with USP Biological Classification IV.

Standard Tolerances:

± 1/64 inch on sizes up to and including 3/8 inch.
Proportionately greater on larger sizes.

1/32 inch wall ± .007 inch.
3/64 inch to 1/8 inch walls ± 1/64 inch.
Greater than 1/8 inch walls, tolerances vary.

Wall thickness greater than 1/8 inch are gauged on the
outside diameter tolerance.

Primeline offers natural rubber latex tubing in sizes which range from 1/16 inch inside diameter (ID) x 1/32 inch wall to
1 inch ID x 1/4 inch wall.

Primeline Industries supports the world-wide goal to eliminate the use of ozone depleting chemicals. We do not knowingly use a Class I or Class II ozone depleting chemical as identified in the U.S. Clean Air Amendments of 1990 in the manufacturing process of our natural rubber latex tubing.

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How To Determine Tubing Sizes

O.D. (Outside Diameter) =
Inside Diameter+Wall+Wall

I.D. (Inside Diameter) =
O.D.(Outside Diameter)-Wall-Wall

Wall Thickness = (O.D. – I.D.)/2

Standard Tolerances:
Inside Diameter: ± 1/64 inch on sizes up to and including 3/8 inch.
Proportionately greater on larger sizes. 

Wall Thickness: 1/32 and 3/64 inch walls ± .007 inch.
1/16 inch and 5/64 inch walls ± 0.010 inch.
3/32 inch and 1/8 inch walls ± 0.015 inch.
Tubing with walls greater than 1/8 inch walls are gauged by the O.D..

Tubing Color Chart