Its not very hard to be dedicated to Primeline. I have been building custom spearguns for over 25 years now and am known as one of the top speargun builders in the US. Wong spearguns have been chosen as the “gun” representing the state of Hawaii by Outdoor Magazine. It has been show cased on Homer Simpson twice. Having said that, my spearguns have become very popular over the years just by reputation, and mostly by word of mouth. I rarely advertise. I try to emulate what has worked for me in my Dental practice. My practice is successful because I treat all patients as if they were family. I treat my speargun customers the same way. I also strive to use the best materials available. That is why I choose Primeline. I have used many of the other brands and styles of band materials manufactured in the US and overseas in Europe and Asia. Primeline has always been my choice for my spearguns. Why cut corners when you can have Primeline has the band material. It is probably why there are over 65 worlds records and counting by spearos using Wong guns and bands. If you look at my website it says “best of the best” and that is why I use Primeline. It is the best band material out there.