Plant Manager

Mike has worked every phase of the manufacturing process for over 27 years and now manages the production plant. His attention to detail and vast natural latex rubber tubing experience allows him to incorporate customer requirements and specifications into producing the highest quality latex rubber tubing and related assemblies. Working with natural materials requires a…

Technical Director

Don has over 40 years of direct experience working with natural dipped rubber tubing. His hands-on approach to formulation, new product development and customer problem solving allows for continuous application of his firsthand knowledge. Over the course of his long career, Don has been involved in every aspect of the natural latex rubber manufacturing process.

General Manager

Brian has been involved in the financial and operational side of several businesses over a 25 year career. His emphasis has been to streamline production, improve manufacturing aspects and seek continuous improvement to the organization while reducing costs. He is directly connected to every level of the business and maintains strong employee/customer relationships to keep communication productive. It is the team-oriented perspective that makes for a successful result again and again.