Primeline Industries is often approached by existing and new customers with conceptual designs or ideas but are seeking guidance with turning it into a viable product. We are very interested in partnering with individuals or companies to find creative solutions to the problem. What size tubing is ideal? What level of resistance is desired? Can we use smaller tubing in a braid to add strength or durability? What kinds of cloth, webbing or other components can be added or attached? These are all good questions and we can help.

You would be amazed at the approach we can offer to achieve the final design by making samples, offering alternative assembly components or adding color in combinations to make your idea become reality. The process is rewarding. We are always open to new ideas and designs.

The fundamental key for all this is understanding we are here to work with you. It really is a partnership at every level. From the assembled item to final packaging. There is no greater satisfaction for us in knowing we have helped make your idea a product that becomes reality. That Primeline had a direct involvement in its evolution. We believe that is one aspect that makes Primeline unique. I welcome your creative assemblies. Bring them to us and we will help you achieve reality!