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We provide innovative, custom configurations for your products. Our expert team works to create and produce the perfect solution for your idea.

Custom Configurations

Primeline offers specialized services which include assembling and packaging customer specified product designs.

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Custom Packaging

We have the capability to package products in various formats tailored to your needs, such as clamshell packages or custom boxes.

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Material Engineering

Natural Latex Rubber Tubing made by PRIMELINE'S "Continuous Dip Process" creates a superior natural latex rubber tubing.

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Eric KayeFounder

"Thank you for the quick turnaround and the thorough update. We are deeply appreciative of the highly proactive, problem solving and solutions-oriented approach the Primeline team brings to our partnership. We are also grateful for the recommendations your team has shared for ways to improve our band technology and assembly process. (more…)

Daryl WongWong Spearguns

Its not very hard to be dedicated to Primeline. I have been building custom spearguns for over 25 years now and am known as one of the top speargun builders in the US. Wong spearguns have been chosen as the "gun" representing the state of Hawaii by Outdoor Magazine. (more…)

Frequently Ask questions

For those who stock the tubing on shelves for resale, we have 50 foot reels and 50 or 100 foot boxes. If you are not stocking for resale or are using the tubing as a component, we have bulk random length packaging which is sold by the foot, and we can cut tubing to specific lengths upon request.

Primeline manufactures latex tubing, but we also have assembly capabilities. We have many components such as webbing, snaps, handles, grips, grommets, etc. on hand and much we do utilizes our latex tubing. We also have sewing capabilities and can provide finished retail packaging for your product.

We don’t carry any tubing in stock. There are certain sizes we run more frequently, and amber and black are always available. Colors are considered custom orders. We have standard colors and a chart is available on our website. We also color match to Pantone PMS colors for as little as 1500 feet per order.

Standard packaging is random lengths with average lengths being 18-20 foot. In some sizes we can do up to 100 foot lengths. We also custom cut to customer specification.

We say that the shelf life of our tubing is “indefinite”. What we mean by that is that depending on the conditions of the storage area, the shelf life may vary. Heat, UV, and ozone are the most common sources for degradation of natural rubber. Those are what you want to protect the tubing from while in storage. If you store the tubing in a container out of light, normal room temperatures, and away from ozone generating devices such as motors and transformers, the tubing will last for years.

To begin the process we would need a finished sample of the item you want us to assemble, or a drawing with written instructions. Videos are also useful. We would look it over and determine what components are require to assemble the item to your design and specifications. After getting it together for you we will send it out to you for your approval. If retail packaging is involved we would need artwork.

Petroleum based lubricants will degrade natural rubber. Silicone migrates to everything, hands, equipment, everything it comes in contact with and can get kind of messy. K-J jelly offers good lubrication without causing damage but it dries quickly and looses effectiveness. We have not experimented with dry lubricants, but they appear promising. If you need a fluid lubricant, there is only one that we know of that will not cause harm and that is castor oil.

Primeline’s natural rubber latex tubing is simply the best, and in addition to that, we have assembly, sewing, and packaging capabilities.  We not only are able to provide a natural rubber latex tubing component, we can provide a finished product.  If you have an idea, we can help you make it market ready.

About Us

Primeline Industries is based in Akron Ohio, the Rubber Capital of the World. We manufacture high quality dipped Natural Latex Rubber tubing. We place an emphasis on customer satisfaction as the majority of work that we do is custom in nature. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves on handling every order with a great deal of attention to detail, no matter how large or how small.